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Kenzi Marie
is a teen harlot with big beautiful titties, glowing golden blonde hair and the sweetest voice you have ever heard coming out of a girl whose mouth is a full-time dumpster for cumshots! This girl talks dirty because she IS dirty! Few women are willing to get on their knees to reach under their man and pull his dick deeper down their throat by grabbing some ass with both hands... but skanky whores like Kenzi defy the kind of stereotypes you normally try to assign to sweet-faced starlets with darling high-pitched voices. It's almost like someone found a really ugly girl who has to do nasty things to make men like her and then secretly dropped her into an amazing pornstar body like Kenzi Marie is walking around in. Facialing this slut is one of the easiest loads you'll ever launch. So make sure your aim is right between her eyes the whole time you are slamming away between her thighs... because when the moment is right all she should see is WHITE as the avalanche of jizz leaves your balls and plasters her whole face in creamy goodness!

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